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About Our Utility Rebate Services

TopBuild Home Services offers consultation for builders on available state, local and utility rebates. Our team can help you increase profits and take advantage of rebates for newly built homes.
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Turn-Key Utility Rebate Processing

TopBuild Home Services offers a full suite of utility rebate execution and processing services. We provide seamless and easy solutions to builders looking to optimize their rebate earning potential, which means you have more time to focus on the bigger picture.

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Maximizing Your Bottom Line

Our utility rebate services add money to your bottom line. As a simple, cost effective approach, our turn-key program makes it easy to increase your profits and take advantage of available rebates for your new residential builds.

Effective Solutions for Maximizing Rebates

Gain Access to Our Nationwide Building Science Network

From coast to coast, our robust network of energy-efficient building experts deliver prompt service. We compliment your building schedule instead of being a bottleneck.

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