HERS H20 Certification


The HERS H20 certification is an extension of RESNET’s nationally recognized Home Energy Rating system (HERS) Index. HERS inspection for the H20 program is a system for rating whole-house water efficiency that includes both indoor and outdoor uses. This H20 certification is a great option for builders to layer onto existing HERS certification.
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Third-Party Verification of Water Efficiency Measures

Third-party verification and inspections provide a neutral perspective on program requirements, and is considered the standard for most program implementation due to the unaffiliated approach of third-party inspections. We help arrange and ensure that third party experts can verify all required testing and inspections.

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Accurate Water Usage Projections

Our expert water usage projections allow you to know what the projected water usage is based on our review and inspection of the home to ensure there is water savings. These projections help ensure water efficiency today, and well into the future.

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HERS H20 WaterSense Certification

TopBuild Home Services offers both the HERS H20 water rating and the WaterSense Home Certification. With help from our experts, you can qualify for one or both certifications on your homes!

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