Providing compliant, cost-effective services for the residential home builders

Who We Serve

From single-family to multi-family residential, TopBuild Home Services partners with builders to provide expert building science principles for new construction homes that future buyers want.

Residential Builders

We partner with builders who specialize in multi-family housing units geared towards the rental industry. Our services help optimize long-term home comfort and minimize energy costs.

Residential Builders

We help national and regional builders in the single-family residential construction market create more energy efficient homes that comply with building energy codes.

Why Work With Us


We offer testing capabilities in over twenty states, allowing our team to serve as the singular source for your project’s inspections and testing needs.

Electronic Communication

TopBuild’s integrated database system allows for streamlined delivery of energy test results, shared instantly with builders and subcontractors to help expedite code compliance and project timelines.

Uniformity of

Our code compliance and energy efficiency testing team delivers concise, repeatable results for optimal scientific accuracy. We can also leverage additional testing resources to respond to market conditions and demand.

Featured Services

Plan Review & Energy Modeling

Our expert plan review team offers timely review of your building plans to meet compliance with local codes and standards, IECC 2006, 2009, 2012, 2018, 2021, green building programs, Energy Star®, and more.

Training & Building Science Support

Our team of regional building science managers and advisors help you find the most impactful, cost-effective solutions to meet your most challenging projects while maintaining all building code compliance.

Software Solutions

We provide key information to builders and raters while streamlining information sharing. Our proprietary platform helps optimize the collection and integrity of testing performance and code compliance documentation.

Testing Solutions & Inspections

To help you meet various testing requirements, our RESNET-trained energy raters and field specialists follow documented processes to provide a variety of residential inspection and testing services.

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