Infrared Thermography Inspection & Surveys

About Infrared Thermography Inspection & Surveys

Our team of experts at TopBuild Home Services is certified to use infrared technology to detect anomalies in a home that could cause air leakage and comfort issues.
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Non-Destructive Air Infiltration Detection

Used in conjunction with other testing protocols and equipment, our IR technologies can determine air infiltration and exfiltration in a building envelope to determine root causes of the problems that may affect comfort and indoor air quality.

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Targeted Infrared Moisture Issue Detection

Used with other non-destructive instruments like moisture meters and humidistats, IR scans can determine areas of water leakage and moisture control issues. This can also be used as a quality control measure, not at a final inspection, to ensure there are no future or present problems with moisture management and quality control.

Targeted Solutions for Home Comfort Troubleshooting

Infrared Thermography Application

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