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About Code Compliance and Testing by State

Experts at TopBuild Home Services specialize in local and national energy code compliance, so you don’t have to. We help residential builders plan builds to meet code compliance targets, verify that codes have been met, and obtain required code compliance documentation.
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Broad Coverage Across the United States

TopBuild Home Services has a broad network of localized coverage for both code compliance testing and code compliance documentation. Receive timely and on-target testing and code compliance services from a national leader in code compliance and energy efficiency.

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Leading Expertise in Energy and Code Compliance

With energy efficiency experts across the country, TopBuild Home Services has decades of experience in code compliance testing, evaluation, and documentation. From inception to completion of your building project, we can be your single source, turnkey partner for code compliance applications in energy efficiency.

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Field Training Services for Energy Code Compliance

Energy codes can be complicated and confusing. That’s why TBHS can support customers with dedicated, local training for their team and trades. Our experts guide builders through the process of being compliant in the modern field environment. Our experts not only help your team achieve compliance, but also increase your team’s knowledge and experience for future builds.

We Provide Full-Service Energy Code Compliance Solutions

Code Compliance Full Service Energy Code Compliance Solutions

Gain Access to Our Nationwide Building Science Network

From coast to coast, our robust network of energy-efficient building experts deliver prompt service. We compliment your building schedule instead of being a bottleneck.

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