45L Federal Tax Credit Processing

About 45L Tax Credit

The federal government periodically offers tax credits to builders of certified energy-efficient homes. Benefits and eligibility requirements change frequently. Current tax benefits for residential home builders extend to eligible builds completed between 2021 and 2022.

Beginning in 2023, ENERGY STAR certification will be required to meet the 45L Tax Credit. TopBuild Home Services is a leading ENERGY STAR partner who can advise and support builders in understanding program requirements and going through the process to obtain certification.
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Energy Modeling for Initial Evaluation

Our team of energy modeling professionals can help you determine if your homes may qualify for the 45L Federal Tax Incentives, and let you know what you would need to do to qualify in the future based on published program criteria.

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Certified Testing and Inspection to Attain 45L Tax Credit

Our energy professionals are at your service around the nation to help evaluate, test, and inspect your residential building projects to meet the 45L Tax Credit Program requirements and guide you through the process from a field perspective. We help complete all required testing and inspections to meet the qualifications of the 45L tax credit program.

Helping You Benefit from 45L Tax Credits

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