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About the Single-Family Residential Industry

From first-time buyers to luxury energy efficient homes, our experience with the single-family residential industry covers various market segments. Our building science and insulation services are tailored to fit your budget and project scale. We also offer new construction inspections for code compliance and energy star certification.

Why Work with TopBuild Home Services

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Improved Energy Costs

By assuring how a home will perform, future buyers can confidently rely on lower utility bills in your new construction homes. TopBuild Home Services can help you identify cost-effective improvements to insulation and air sealing to improve costs for your buyers.

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Long-term Construction Durability

TopBuild Home Services offers new construction inspections and performance testing to ensure the long-term viability of your insulation systems and energy efficiency. By planning for the longevity of various building components, we help in reducing a builder’s liability issues.

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Training and Assistance from Energy Experts

By providing building science training and oversight across various industry trades, TopBuild Home Services helps builders ensure that the scope of their work is consistent and correct to ensure overall home performance.

TopBuild Home Comfort Experts

Knowledge of Local Code Requirements

Building code requirements vary state by state, and in some cases by local municipalities. Our experts can help developers navigate the mirage of code compliant testing and new construction inspection requirements.

Quick Inspection Scheduling

We can provide timely turnaround on inspections and testing services to help save you time and money and help your buyer close and move in on schedule.

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