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About Moisture Control and Management

TopBuild Home Services offers a moisture management and quality control program utilizing a combination of visual inspections and non-destructive testing to help with the process of eliminating moisture issues such as leaks and infiltration. Our experts bring years of experience to every building evaluation and plan execution.
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Detailed Visual Moisture Management Evaluation and Quality Control Inspection Services

TopBuild Home Services offers visual moisture management and quality control (MMQC) inspections services, tailored to your project’s needs. This can be combined with the non-destructive MMQC inspection to have a comprehensive inspection protocol for your next project.

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Expert Non-Destructive Moisture Management and Quality Control Inspections Services

TopBuild Home Services offers MMQC inspection services using cutting edge tools in the industry, such as the use of IR Cameras and moisture meters. This service can be combined with our visual inspection service to complete a comprehensive program for your building or structure. We help builders feel confident that your projects are protected against future moisture issues.

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