Plan Review & Energy Modeling Consultation

About Plan Review and Energy Modeling Consultation

Energy code compliance modeling is a specialized skill set where experts consider the right appliances, HVAC, insulation, windows, application, and testing options to best meet local and national energy codes or above code program requirements. Our leading energy modeling services begin with a thorough building plan review by the TBHS team of certified HERS Energy Modelers.
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Energy Modeling for Code Compliance

Our team of certified RESNET HERS Modelers can conduct scenario modeling and pre-construction planning to meet the needs of both builders and the code. Scenario modeling can help builders consider options, cost effectiveness, and energy compliance impact.

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Advanced Energy Modeling for Above Code Programs

As a leader in the energy efficiency arena, TBHS can help builders navigate any at-code or above-code energy efficiency programs. Our team of experts combines best in class software and industry-leading knowledge to help builders find the most cost effective and efficient ways to achieve energy efficiency targets.

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Value-Based Modeling for Cost Effective Energy Solutions

Our team of experts can supply different levels of value compliance and tradeoffs for any code or program, allowing builders to leverage their own purchasing program to execute cost-effective code compliance or programmatic needs. Customize your projects to suit your budget while meeting energy code requirements.

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Energy Modeling Consultation

TopBuild Home Services offers cost-effective consultation support to consider the energy, HERS score or tax credit impact of changes to your build choices. With a dedicated Plan Review team, TBHS can help to create your future energy-efficient home plan. We offer consulting services to evaluate how changes to appliances, windows, HVAC, insulation, air sealing and other specifications might impact the energy efficiency of your future home builds. This can also be a useful approach to determining what changes might be needed to meet or exceed future code, ENERGY STAR or tax benefit program requirements.

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